CASA-Center Against Sexual Assault of Riverside

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The Center Against Sexual Assault (CASA) is a non-profit, community based agency whose mission is to prevent sexual assault through education, and to provide intervention and counseling services for the survivors of sexual assault and their extended families.         


“Rose Secrets” was written by a survivor for C.A.S.A


A glass vase
Propped up to perfection
Fresh rose every day
To rid the signs of wilting
The wilting tips of beauty
Which hint to imperfections
That can never be expected

But hidden by each petal
That projects a certain glow
And has a certain scent
To bring comfort to each face
Is what is not expected

Underneath the beauty
Not seen to any common eye
The dull, petulant stem
Blanketed with pain-filled thorns
And every imperfection, that this beauty holds
Just as every other soul
Just as every other rose