Friends of Jordan High School

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Principal Message


Parents of Jordan Students,


Over 1000 students at Jordan made the Principals’ Honor Roll this semester.

That is spectacular and I need you to praise your children for this.

Your child needs to know:

 That you care about their education.

That you believe that  good grades is a great thing

That you believe that good grades are a key to a better life

That you are counting on them to be successful in school

That you trust that Jordan will help them get to college.

I need for you to tell your child that today and everyday until they graduate.

I need you to repeat this information to your co-worker and friends and family.

They need to know that Jordan is a quality school and is worthy of their respect.

Part of improving Jordan is about improving Jordan's image.

Help me.  You send Jordan some wonderful children.

They deserve to go to a school which is respected.

Shawn Ashley