Living Word Ministries International

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About Living Word Ministries

Who They Are:

They are a corporate body of believers that believes that the anointing spoken of in Isaiah 61 and Luke 7 rests upon us. They believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, born of a virgin birth, died on the cross; being the perfect sacrifice to reconcile and re–justify a fallen man, back to a Holy God. They believe that this same Jesus has been resurrected from the dead and is seated on the right hand of ALMIGHTY GOD, and this same JESUS is coming back for a bride without spot or blemish. Their goal shall be “Empowering believers to be Jesus’ hands in the World.”


The Church is the Body, in part or in whole, and Bride of Christ, which he is coming back to receive unto Himself. In these “By Laws” they the church will attempt to setup our foundation. This ministry/church has an administration that is governed by the President and its Board of Director; nevertheless, this ministry/organization is founded by God, not man., which Jesus Christ is chief cornerstone and the Holy Spirit is the power given to us by God for the building of His “bride the church.

Their Name:

Living Word Ministries International - It is a fulfill of Matthew 5:13-14 “Ye are the salt of the earth,” (Salt preserves); Ye, are the Light of the world (Light brings understanding and awareness) John 6:23 “The words that I have spoken to they are spirit and they are life”. This ministry is not about the leadership it is about those that are to be ministered to. Jesus said to His disciples him that is the greatest among you must be a servant. Therefore their ministry is to the needs of the people under the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit..