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 "The world awaits, and we have a limited time to make a difference. ‘Where bright minds soar’ is more than just academics; it is how we define ourselves as human beings. Let’s soar on this adventure together and see the difference the Pegasus community can make.” – Laura Hathaway, Founder

Pegasus Mission Statement

The Pegasus School is dedicated to academic excellence and to the development of lifelong learners who are confident, caring, and courageous.

History- In 1984, Dr. Laura Hathaway, with vision, with dedication, and with courage founded The Pegasus School. Dr. Hathaway’s vision was to create an educational community where it would be safe for gifted students to be smart; in which students’ strong intellectual challenges would be matched by a thoughtful social and emotional embrace; a place where teachers would provide a curriculum of high content and high interest to encourage students to “build wings so bright minds can soar.” The Pegasus School emerged from a collaboration with the University of California, Irvine to develop academically accelerated classes for gifted students based on the model created by Dr. Julian Stanley at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Hathaway’s dedication led to expansion of the school from her gifted summer camps to a Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade educational program. She hired a core group of outstanding teachers and established standards of high academic expectation with an appreciation for the gifts that each individual brings to the community. In the 1990s, the school expanded to include a wider range of bright and motivated students who clearly benefited from the school’s commitment to building a community where it was safe to be smart. The school purchased its current facility in 1995 and then began work to refurbish classrooms and expand buildings. The Palley Complex which serves fourth and fifth graders was added in 1997 and the Hathaway Activities Center was built in 2000 to provide a home for performance, art, and student athletics. Dr. Hathaway’s courage led the school through years of explosive growth and challenge. As the school expanded, she centered the community in core principles of gifted education. It was Dr. Hathaway’s conviction that great gifts brought opportunities for great leadership and that it was the obligation of great schools to build this leadership for the future. In 2007, the school’s Vision Committee completed a study of outstanding independent schools across the United States and created a vision statement that led to the Portrait of a Pegasus Graduate- a compelling roadmap for building the next generation of leadership. After an extended battle with cancer, Dr. Hathaway passed away in 2009. John Zurn was appointed the second head of The Pegasus School in February 2010. Prior to Pegasus, Mr. Zurn served as Head of St. John’s Episcopal School outside of Washington, DC for twenty years. In the fall of 2010, Mr. Zurn introduced Traits for Success to Pegasus and along with the school’s Board of Trustees, initiated the formation of a Strategic Plan Committee to build upon the work of the 2007 Vision Committee and to develop blueprints for leading The Pegasus School into the future. The 2011 Strategic Plan will serve as the foundation for future growth and challenge at Pegasus. “There is a greater need than ever for gifted children to find nurturing teachers and supportive friends. Pegasus allows children to learn at a tender age that it is okay to be smart and creative, and to be intellectually challenged. I want all children to know that to use your mind is a skill that is valued and rewarded.” -Dr. Laura Hathaway



Student Events & Activities
School spirit comes alive with this PTO sponsored event. The Jog-a-Thon raises funds for classroom enhancements and helps build community with our entire student body, faculty and parents. Older students participate in a 5K jog while younger students enjoy laps, popsicles, games and relay races.
Flag Salutes
Flag Salutes are a tradition at Pegasus. Held monthly in the quad, the entire student body, teachers and parents gather as one community to celebrate the Success Trait for the month, student and faculty achievements, and honors. Each Flag Salute is hosted by a designated grade level during which students perform for the Pegasus community.
Grandparents’ / Special Friends’ Day
Sponsored by the PTO, Grandparents’ / Special Friends’ Day is a December tradition enjoyed by students and their grandparents or special friends. Our guests are welcomed to our campus for a wonderful morning of classroom visits and activities with the children and a holiday concert.
Harvest Ingathering
November is a time for us to reflect on how fortunate we are and to be thankful. During our Harvest Ingathering students and their families collectively provide non perishables and other necessities to a local non-profit organization serving the hungry. Although many local businesses contribute to this non-profit, our school continues to be the largest single contributor to this organization.
Spirit Week / Talent Show
Pegasus spirit soars during the PTO sponsored Spirit Week each spring. Each day is themed to represent the creativity, energy and passion of our students. Popular themes have included “crazy hair day”, “what I want to be when I grow up”, and 80’s. A special and eagerly awaited tradition is the student talent show. The week concludes with the Pegasus Olympics during which all students enjoy a variety of athletic events and inspirational presentation by a former Olympian.
Winter and Spring Concerts
Precious voices, melodic tunes and creative dances fill our theater each December and May as students perform on stage with joy and talent in abundance. Parents, grandparents, and friends pack the theater with anticipation and support of our young performers.
Middle School Life
The middle school experience at Pegasus goes beyond just the classroom. In addition to their academic life, middle school students enjoy a wide variety of activities throughout the school year. A full time Activities Director plans and coordinates a multitude of activities including: community service opportunities, field trips, dances, and extracurricular events. •Field Trips – Students take class field trips to local museums such as the Getty Villa, Bowers Museum and The Museum of Tolerance. These trips help students pursue their existing interests as well as discover new ones.
•Outdoor Education Trips - Middle School students often reflect that the week long trips are among the most memorable Pegasus experiences. These trips provide valuable, social and educational experiences. Sixth grade students go to Astro Camp in Idyllwild, seventh graders head to Catalina for CELP (Catalina Environmental Leadership Program), and eighth graders attend The Yosemite Institute. •Community Service – The ideals of service learning are integrated into our academic curriculum. Service learning embodies experiential learning, moral and character development and community health. Students learn that they have a responsibility to make the world a better place and service learning empowers them to act. Students are required to fulfill 10 hours of community service on their own time before the end of the school year. At the end of the year, students write a reflection essay in class on how this work has impacted their lives.

•Extracurricular Events - Middle schoolers enjoy spending time together outside of school. Off campus activities include: going bowling, ice skating, roller skating and playing games at Boomers. On campus, dances are also part of the fun. There are four dances each year. Past themes include: Totally 80’s, Luau, Denim Dance, Morp, Haunted House, and Hollywood. Students enjoy fun, friends, refreshments and great music under the supervision of faculty chaperones.