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Welcome to the Office of Faith Formation-


We are a Christ-centered people, instructed by the Word of God and renewed by the Sacraments. We are building a community of love, justice and peace by celebrating, serving and proclaiming the Gospel to the world.

In doing so, we touch families asking for sacraments for their children, as well as provide on-going education for children and parents. We provide creative opportunities for our parishioners to experience outreach to those in need. The homeless, incarcerated, and those challenged with a physical ailment all are served each year by our caring community. We provide a pathway home for returning Catholics and those seeking entrance into the church.

The Faith Formation office provides on-going adult education and classes for those who want to complete their initiation sacrament of Confirmation.We are here for families who have experienced a loss of a loved one, or just to lend an ear to someone who needs to be listened to. It is a team effort of many wonderful volunteers who make all this possible! Each person in our world is unique and is a gift. No matter how young or old- you are valued and loved!

In Christ's Peace,
Kathy Lewis Director of Faith Formation



The Office for Faith Formation offers a variety of programs and opportunities to share and live out our faith in all stages of life, from the womb to the tomb.

Adult Confirmation

Adults 18 and older who have been baptized and have received their First Holy Communion, but were never confirmed, find their home in this wonderful program. The program begins shortly after the New Year and continues until confirmation in the spring.

Adult Education

At various times during the year there are educational opportunities offered for adults. Fr. Sera’s 4 week series just before Lent begins and the summer sessions under Fr. Steve’s direction are a valuable part of the on-going catechesis classes at St. Joachim’s.


This ministry assists families with arrangements for the mass of Christian burial for a loved one who has passed away. It also provides resources for healing from their loss.

Cancer Ministry

This committee is a Catholic faith-based ministry, whose primary focus is to provide spiritual comfort, compassion and practical assistance in a confidential manner to parishioners and families of St. Joachim who are affected by cancer.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

For children ages 4 years to 4th grade during the 10am mass. It helps the children understand how God has called them to live out His word in everyday life.

Day Care

This ministry provides daycare for our precious young children who have a difficult time sitting at mass. Also this ministry assists at other functions where daycare is needed.


This ministry has been formed to service the less fortunate in different ways: that is offering a Thanksgiving Meal to the homeless, collecting monies for stamps for the incarcerated. It assists the community of St. Joachim’s to be Christ’s hands, Christ’s feet. We are also working to bring together a stronger community within our parish by working together to serve the needs of those around us.


Provide pre-baptism preparation class to parents and godparents. And these ministers help with ceremony with the day of Baptism.

RCIA/Children & Adults

Those welcomed into the preparation through a process that includes the candidate joining the community for the Liturgy of the Word on Sunday and then dismissed to study the Word of God. Registration is required.

Religious Education for Children

This family based program includes religious education for children 4years old through 6th grade, sessions for parents as well as family Days when our catechists join together with parent and child, to learn more about our faith.

Sacramental Program for Children

This is a two year process to assist parents in the preparation of their children for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist including two retreats for both parent and child.

VBS – Vacation Bible School

At the end of each school year this ministry offers Bible stories to children, 4 year old preschoolers through 5th grade. These stories are based on a different theme each day. Scripture verses and stories about the saints are part of the daily focus. All of this is presented to the participants through a lively celebration and activities. These activities in music, storytelling, rhythm, science and games are used to re-enforce the message. An outreach element is included in the week long process giving an opportunity for the students, their parents, and the parish to be of service to the disadvantaged in our community. This is a program the kids don’t want to miss!